• Access control and working hours

        Access control and working hoursContactless access cards are no longer a luxury but necessity. We use them to open the office, in the gym, when skiing, to enter the parking lot or our hotel room. A special software for access control flags the information when a card is brought up to a reader. So, it is possible to monitor working hours, length of parking time, length of time spent in a swimming pool, number of of uses of a ski-lift, etc.

        In addition to a card, the identificator can be a key-ring, a watch, a sticker, etc.

        Having an RFID sticker attached to a frequently used article (for instance, a mobile phone) can make carrying an additional card unnecessary and thus considerably reduce the risk of losing or forgetting it.

        The big advantage of having an RFID-enabled access control is the combination of affordable price, easy maintenance and high security level.