• Administration

        Contactless inventory-taking of assets

        AdministrationInventory-taking and tracking of tangible assets is a serious challenge for many big businesses. Attaching a barcode label on each individual personal computer, desk, device or tool yields fairly good results but nevertheless has some major drawbacks: it takes a lot of time, a line of sight is necessary between reader and label, movements of assets are difficult to track.

        The RFID technology is much more efficient than barcodes because:

        • Information can be read at a distance and without a line of sight between reader and tag;
        • It takes only seconds to do the inventory-taking in any one room.
        • No disruption of the work or movement of furniture and equipment is called for during the inventory-taking;
        • RFID tags can be located out of sight, which makes them better protected;
        • Possibility to store information about the history of the asset.
        • Different types of identificators: labels, tags, etc., are used to oversee assets, and the information can be read from a distance with a hand-held or stationary reader.

        RFID Bulgaria has developed the first Bulgarian system for contactless inventory-taking, INVENT. You can read more about the product here.