• Apparel

        Easy and precise inventory-taking in the warehouse and store Traceability in manufacturing.


        RFID is being used in some of the world’s leading chains for clothing and footwear, including American Apparel, Hush Puppies, Serge Blanco, Tally Weijl, Nine West, to mention but a few.

        In an ongoing project, the technology is being tested in Italy by Trussardi, Miroglio Fashion, DB Apparel, Max Mara Fashion Group,and Dolce&Gabanna Industria, with Benetton, Nine West, Marks&Spencer, LC Waikiki expected to join at a later stage. 

        A study by IHL Group found that the losses from problems in locating the correct colour or size of a garment added up to USD 27.2 billion in the US alone in 2008.

        Pilot projects implemented in some of the largest clothing chains such as American Apparel, XYZ, Serge Blanco and Nine West, showed a dramatic cut-back on inventorying time. With a barcode technology, scanning 10,000 items takes 53 hours and with RFID the same is done in only 2 hours.

        The customer turnover at the said RFID-fitted outlets grew between 10% and 20% on average.