• Production automation

        Tracking without human presence

        Production automationIn production businesses, tracking of separate articles (from inputs to the finished and packed products) is of key importance for stocks control and management.

        The tracking process is a sideline activity and it is no surprise that attention and resources for it are often scarce. But when a problem arises we are always confronted with the issue and regret not having done what was necessary to tackle it.

        With the help of RFID, tracking of items takes place practically seamlessly and with the least effort and time. RFID tags are attached on the items - on each one individually or on larger packs (packets, boxes). Antennas are placed at the entry/exit points, connected with the database. The antennas sense the arrival of each tagged item and flag the occurrence to the monitoring software.

        And so, without any effort on your part you get:

        • Reduction of missing articles;
        • No errors when checking goods in or out;
        • Simultaneous tracking of large quantities of items;
        • Processing of large volumes of information without human presence;
        • New marketing opportunities: monitoring customers' purchasing habits and customized offers.

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